Monday, March 22, 2010

The Chicken Tractor

Trent has adjusted to the intimacy of the chicken egg.  It actually does take a little adjustment to eat something that you have such personal firsthand knowledge of.  Even I balked at first, gladly forgoing our own eggs, making sure the kids got the "good" eggs ("no, no, children, you MUST eat the good, healthy eggs...  Dad and I will make do with these nasty old store kind....") while Trent and I ate the store bought ones (we are such CHICKENS).  Now, though, I won't buy eggs, so we are all eating "our own eggs".  Trent and Neil spent a weekend building the "Chicken Tractor" which Trent has named "Eggs On A Roll".  The theory behind the chicken tractor is that our chicken coop can now be moved around the land so that the chickens scratch and fertilize in different areas.  It'll be nice when they stop pooing on our patio.

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