Monday, May 17, 2010


Maybe Gus being on (dumb) restriction for the last two weeks had something to do with it but May is flying by.  We had great overnight in Bellingham where I picked up mom and dad and brought them back to our slightly improved home (since they were last here, that is).  The car was packed and let me state that although my car can technically seat 7 people... this does not mean that this is advisable.  We had only 6 people jammed in there like sardines.... and those 6 people had their stuff.... and there's a whole lot of other stuff that lives in my car on a permanent basis...  So no sooner had we turned out of the parking area at Dearbhla's,  Dad (sitting next to Gus who was wearing a baseball cap that kept getting in everyone's face when he turned his head....)  asked (loudly and clearly)  "What kind of FUCKOLOGY is THIS?"


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