Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why I hate running

Cause that's why.  I just do.  I hate it.
Now I'm becoming a runner.  It took a friend to start to run with.  It took a lot of walking.... well.... a month of walking.  It took a realization that the walking that used to be hard was no longer challenging.  Then we got an app.  (Cause who does anything without an App nowadays?)  And then we started running.  I never, ever wanted to run.  Or walk for exercise.  EVER.  I hate running.  AND.  I hate walking.  So I got a new BFF and we started walking in September.  Now we are runners.  We don't love it.  BUT we are running.  Granted, the word "running" might be a stretch....

I am a runner.
I only run 3 minutes at a time and it's hard.  For 30 minutes me and me-BFF alternate timed runs and walks.  I have fun cause I love my BFF.  But it's hard.

But I have stayed off antibiotics for 2 weeks.  But we are increasing our running time by (albeit tiny) increments.  And we are sticking with it.

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